Tryout results are in!

Thank you to everyone who tried out! We had a very competitive audition process this year.┬áCongratulations to our new members, and to those who didn’t make the team, we hope to see you tryout again next year!
Below, you will find a list of all three invitational teams. To all the new members, WELCOME! To all the returners, WELCOME BACK!
Team Firehaus
Aleks Ostojic – coach
Derek Dion – coach
Ian Vitalis – captain
Becky Bradshaw – co-captain
Ashley Smith
John Moran
Charles Huh
Fallon Faia
Jill Doherty
Lauren Krone
Ranjini Rajan
Rhett Buchmiller
Team Legends
Lena Shapiro – coach
An Nguyen – coach
Katy Karayannis – captain
Brandon Black – co-captain
Arjun Sharma
Bianca Ciarroni
Chloe Johnston
Jon Sommerfeld
Karim Popatia
Marie Hayashi
Matt Stuart
Stephanie Flowers
Team Cly’s
Marley Nelson – coach
Alex Berk – captain
Kelsey Chetosky – co-captain
Amyna Visram
Claire Mellish
Jackie Smith
Jesse Kearns
Katie Sreenan
Noe Navar
Phil West
Samantha Holt