Wheaton Tournament

Congratulations to our three invitational teams for competing in the 2013 Inaugural Thunderdome Invitational at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.  All three teams were named in the awards ceremony, and team “Firehaus” team 1st place!  It was an amazing start to our season.

This tournament also concludes our invitational season and begins our competitive season. The team members have been re-stacked into Blue, Orange, and the recently-renamed Silver! Congratulations to everyone on their new roles.

Lena Shapiro – Coach
Kelsey Chetosky – Captain
Katy Karayannis – Co-Captain
Amyna Visram
Brandon Black
Charles Huh
Claire Mellish
Ian Vitalis
Stephanie Flowers
Marley Nelson – Coach
An Nguyen – Coach
Jesse Kearns – Captain
Becky Bradshaw – Captain
Ashley Smith
Bianca Ciarroni
Fallon Faia
Jon Sommerfeld
Karim Popatia
Lauren Krone
Noe Navar
Ranjini Rajan
Aleksandra Ostojic – Coach
Derek Dion – Coach
Alex Berk – Captain
Jill Doherty – Co-Captain
Arjun Sharma
Jackie Smith
Katie Sreenan
Phil West
Rhett Buchmiller
Samantha Holt