Mid-Season Tryouts are here!

        We will be hosting a second round of tryouts for this school year, if you have already tried out for the team and want to try again, you are more than welcome.
        We will be having an Info Meeting on Wednesday 11/4 at 6:00pm at the University Illinois College of Law Building (504 E. Pennsylvania Avenue, Champaign). There, you can learn more about the team, who we are, and what the tryout process will be like.
        If you can’t make the Info Meeting, you are still welcome to tryout. Please email illinoistrialteam@gmail.com for more information.
        Below is the link to the Tryout Packet that you will be using for this tryout. It consists of important dates, a summary of tryouts, contact information, a questionnaire sheet, and then the witness testimony that you will be using. You can make an appointment for a tryout by coming to our Info Night OR by emailing us at illinoistrialteam@gmail.com.
        If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
        -Keegan Madden, Vice-President External