2016 Illini Invite Round 3 Pairings

The Illini Invite is in full swing! We had a great first day and look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Here are the round 3 pairings. See you bright and early tomorrow morning!


W = Wohlers Hall          DKH = David Kinley Hall

W 226 1334 1158
W 236 1450 1525
W 170 1451 1099
W 174 1513 1570
W 126 1111 1526
DKH 206 1180 1303
DKH 209 1512 1181
DKH 212 1411 1514
DKH 215 1569 1113
DKH 215B 1272 1067
DKH 219 1133 1288
DKH 222 1352 1092
DKH 223 1132 1353
DKH 307 1140 1287
DKH 310 1093 1112


Regionals and ORCS

Congratulations to all three teams on a great performance at their respective regional tournaments! Silver competed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, while Blue and Orange competed in South Bend, Indiana. Blue received a third-place trophy and a bid to the Open Round Championship Series which will be held March 14-16. In addition, members of each teams received individual awards. Jill Doherty, Katy Karayannis, Kelsey Chetosky and Becky Bradshaw were given an Outstanding Attorney award, and Bianca Ciarroni was given an Outstanding Witness award for playing the Brooklyn limo driver Charlie Kaminsky.

Additional congratulations go to Sam Holt, Katie Sreenan and Noe Navar, our last three mockers of the month. All three of these members are brand-new this year and have put forth an outstanding effort to contribute to the team.

For more information about our team, check out our most recent newsletter, or check out our past newsletters.

Commodore Classic and Rebel Trojan All-In Tournament Results

Congratulations to all three teams on their first tournament back after winter break. Blue traveled to Las Vegas, and Orange and Silver traveled to Nashville. Blue took fifth place at the Rebel Trojan All-In Tournament, and individual awards were given to Brandon Black, Ian Vitalis and Karim Popatia. Good luck to all the teams as they prepare for their regional competitions!

Illini Invitational Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in and judged the 2013 Illini Invitational this past weekend. This year’s tournament was the most competitive yet, with 33 phenomenal teams from across the nation. A huge thank you to Tournament Chair Arjun Sharma and Co-Chair Bianca Ciarroni – without your efforts, none of this would have been possible.

All three Illinois teams put on  great performance as well. Our Blue team finished in first place and our Orange team in 7th.

Special congratulations to Sam Holt, Noe Navar and Claire Mellish for winning Outstanding Witness awards and to Katy Karayannis for winning an Outstanding Attorney award.

If you’d like to see individual team records, click below to see the tab summary from the tournament.

Illini Invitational, Round 3 Pairings

Congratulations to everyone for a great first day of the tournament. The round 3 pairings are listed below. Captain’s will start at 8:00 and the round will begin at 8:30. Good luck!


Room (Gregory Hall)ProsecutionDefense

Illini Invitational

The Illinois Trial Team will be hosting our annual Illini Invitational on December 7th and 8th of this year.  We will be hosting teams from all over the country.  If you are a law student or attorney interested in being a judge at our tournament, please contact our Tournament Chair, Arjun Sharma at absharm2@illinois.edu.
Judges are needed at 9:30 AM and 3:00 PM on Saturday, the 7th. Judges are also needed at 8:00 AM and 12:30 PM on Sunday, the 8th.  Complimentary breakfast and lunch will be served both dates.

Wheaton Tournament

Congratulations to our three invitational teams for competing in the 2013 Inaugural Thunderdome Invitational at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.  All three teams were named in the awards ceremony, and team “Firehaus” team 1st place!  It was an amazing start to our season.

This tournament also concludes our invitational season and begins our competitive season. The team members have been re-stacked into Blue, Orange, and the recently-renamed Silver! Congratulations to everyone on their new roles.

Lena Shapiro – Coach
Kelsey Chetosky – Captain
Katy Karayannis – Co-Captain
Amyna Visram
Brandon Black
Charles Huh
Claire Mellish
Ian Vitalis
Stephanie Flowers
Marley Nelson – Coach
An Nguyen – Coach
Jesse Kearns – Captain
Becky Bradshaw – Captain
Ashley Smith
Bianca Ciarroni
Fallon Faia
Jon Sommerfeld
Karim Popatia
Lauren Krone
Noe Navar
Ranjini Rajan
Aleksandra Ostojic – Coach
Derek Dion – Coach
Alex Berk – Captain
Jill Doherty – Co-Captain
Arjun Sharma
Jackie Smith
Katie Sreenan
Phil West
Rhett Buchmiller
Samantha Holt

The Team Goes to Nationals

This past weekend the Blue team placed FIRST at the Open Round Championship Series and will be attending nationals in Washington D.C.!  The national tournament takes place in April, and the team is busy working hard and preparing. 
This weekend, the team won every single ballot and went 8-0.  Ian Vitalis ranked first on every single ballot and got an Outstanding Attorney Award with 20 ranks.  Katy Karayannis got an Outstanding Attorney Award with 19 ranks.  Brandon Black got an Outstanding Witness Award for his portrayal of Carey Connor.
A special THANK YOU to Coach James Huff for all his hard work this season.  We are forever grateful for his dedication to our team!
Check back in April for the NATIONALS results!


Good luck to Blue and Orange at Regionals this weekend! The teams are competing in Joliet, Illinois, coming off of a successful trio of tournaments including first place at the Illini Invitational, second place at the Rebel Trojan All-In Tournament, and a handful of individual awards. Bears competes next weekend in Southbend, Indiana.