You are looking at the team roster for the 2017-2018 season! After many months of hard work, all of our members will be heading to Regionals in February to compete for a spot at ORCS. Be sure to read our Newsletter to stay updated on our events and our accomplishments. Also be sure to check out the information on our Exec Board, our Coaches, and our captains.


  • Ben Tobias*
  • Jack Duffley **
  • Alyssa Castronovo
  • Julia Petsche
  • Emily Dean
  • Tommy Harshaw
  • Ali Nunes
  • Zach Furlin



  • Lazaro Aguiar*
  • Vanessa Aceves**
  • Kyle McAlhpine
  • Geniveive Severini
  • Kyra Sadovi
  • Teagan Vogel
  • Rocky Khoshbin
  • Sebastian Sulewski
  • Jordan Evans-Kaplan



  • Sara Lemerman*
  • Lily Marie**
  • Sarah O’Keefe
  • Adam Kaz
  • Emma Boyd
  • Henry Steenkolk
  • Jeffery Hymen
  • Emma Stubner
  • Leo Lee
  • Tamarrian Johnson


*  Denotes Captain
** Denotes Co-Captain