Executive Board

The Trial Team’s success begins with the dedication of our Exec Board. These members are always working behind the scenes to make sure that every event, tournament and practice runs smoothly. Contact and position information for the Board can be found below.

Click the links for a brief biography of each member.

Jack Duffley (President) – duffley2@illinois.edu
Julia Petsche (Vice-President Internal) – illinoismocktrialteam.vpi@gmail.com
Vanessa Aceves (Vice-President External) – illinoistrialteam.vpe@gmail.com
Sara Lemerman (Treasurer) – illinoistrialteam.treasurer@gmail.com
Emily Dean (Secretary/Technology Chair) – emilyd2@illinois.edu
Alyssa Castronovo (Social Chair) – alyssacastronovo@icloud.com
Rocky Khoshbin (Tournament Chair) – bk5@illinois.edu