December 2011

00Erik Halverson is December’s Mocker of the Month. Congratulations!

I am an engineering physics major, about to graduate, and am planning on going to law school next year to become a patent lawyer. I want to focus specifically on patenting bioengineering technology. I joined mock trial because I wanted a little more legal things in my life, after rowing crew for 2 years, I wanted to stay competitive, but not wake up at 5am, and Mock trial is the perfect way for me to continue to represent the Illini Nation. I love mock trial because of the people, the way that everyone comes together when the time comes for us to be serious, but at the same time, we all can goof around and have fun. Best memory of the year so far, Matt Stuart making the female judges at Iowa blush. 😉 -Erik Halverson

Erik Halverson is a double witness for blue this year and with this being his first year of mock trial he has progressed leaps and bounds after each and every tournament! Erik plays a charismatic Minnesota cab driver and the smartest and best looking leslie roman the mock trial world has ever seen! Erik is so incredibly committed to not just his own success, but the team success at each and every tournament. He serves as an advisor to Lena and me for any personality or case issues we have because he is so insightful and aware of the team’s needs. In all honesty, I do not know what I would do without Erik on Blue.
-Aleks Ostojic

Erik Halverson is an attorney’s dream come true when it comes to witnesses. He is always prepared and always goes the extra mile to research his role. He makes sure to put in the time and to always be reliable, also serving as a calming factor at tournaments. He is nothing but a hoot!
-Lena Shapiro