Congratulations to Samantha Holt, our December mocker of the month.

“Sam is truly one of the finest witnesses that I have seen perform in a courtroom. Having her in both the invitational and regular season, I have seen that along with her natural wit, Sam’s deep understanding of the rules of evidence (knowledge that dwarfs many of our team’s attorneys) creates unique witness portrayals that have helped propel our team to the next level. Portraying three witnesses is a challenge that not many people can undertake, but Sam does it with ease and is someone that I can absolutely rely on to give a stellar performance. While her personality shines on direct, Sam’s real charm, for me, is on cross-examination. Whereas many witnesses lose their character or break the proverbial fourth wall, Sam is able to easily counter attorney’s cross questions with clever tactics ranging from unique phrasings to her tone of voice. I am very excited to see Sam progress on the team further.” – Alex Berk