February 2013

Congratulations to Becky Bradshaw, mocker of the month for February 2013!

“My name is Becky Bradshaw and I am sophomore. I am double majoring in Political Science and History. This is my first year as a member of the Illinois Trial Team, and I could not be more grateful for joining this organization. This team has helped develop a laundry list of skills that will become so valuable to my future. Also, the work with the case and the coaches have allowed me to take great strides in preparing for law school. Finally and most importantly, joining the trial team has brought me closer with an amazing group of peers. I am incredibly impressed with the amazing group of coaches, captains, and students that make this organization successful. The degree of hard work and commitment that goes into this team is shared by everyone. I am excited for the future of the Illinois Trial Team.” – Becky Bradshaw

“As the unofficial co-co-captain of Bears, Becky Bradshaw has spent the better part of the season whipping the Plaintiff bench and the rest of the team into shape. Though Becky is only a first-year mocker, she has quickly become a leader for the rest of the team, scheduling extra sessions outside of practice for the benches to meet and work on directs. Playing both an attorney for the Plaintiff and a witness on Defense, Becky’s assertive attitude complements several of the more subdued personalities on Bears. Becky is always prepared for practices and competitions, and goes the extra mile to make sure that the team has all of the case materials ready to go. Becky has taken personal responsibility of designing and printing a few demonstratives as well as gathering materials for the case files. She has also been an enormous asset to the organization by setting up several fundraisers, including the Coldstone fundraiser. You can be sure that Becky’s determination will continue to lead her to success on this organization and in life in general!” – Jesse Kearns, Captain of Bears