Congratulations to Noe Navar, the February mocker of the month.

“This is Noe’s first year on the team, and I could not be more pleased with his performance. Noe’s wit and charm make him a fantastic witness, and Orange is happy to have him around to play some of the harder roles. Noe plays Whit Bowman as one of the most sympathetic defendants I have ever seen in mock trial, and on the other side of the case he perfectly balances the eccentricity of Tyler Hartman while still retaining his credibility. In a few short months Noe has learned enough about mock trial to receive an Outstanding Witness award. In practice, Noe is one of the most cheerful and upbeat teammates I have seen in my four years on the team. The drive and energy he brings to the team have been invaluable.” – Jesse Kearns