February 2015

Congratulations to Spencer Chikahisa, the February mocker of the month!

“Spencer Chikahisa is not your typical mock trial witness. While mock trials often see many witnesses who create cartoonish caricatures from the materials provided, Spencer’s witness portrayals are more understated. Where Spencer succeeds as a witness is through his intellect, which creates outstandingly believable expert witnesses who are seemingly as knowledgeable as a real expert would be. Spencer also has an incredibly likable demeanor that draws judges of all types to his witness portrayals and earns him outstanding scores and high praise. Spencer’s contributions to the team, however, are not just as a witness. While soft spoken, Spencer has been an understated leader on Orange this year who is able to see the case from a number of different, unique perspectives. Because of this, Spencer’s opinions have been extremely useful in crafting both the plaintiff and defense’s cases in chief and have helped make Orange a force to be reckoned with. Spencer has a very bright future as both a witness and as an attorney. As he grows more comfortable with all aspects of mock trial, I have no doubt that Spencer will have even more success than he already has.”

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