February 2016

Congratulations to Jake Hesslau the February mocker of the month!

“As a new member of the Illinois Trial Team, Jake Hesslau has consistently proven that he is a skilled mocker. Jake’s work ethic and ability to understand the facts set him apart from his peers and makes him a force to be reckoned with in trial. I am always impressed with Jake’s faculty to adapt to whatever role we throw at him; not only does Jake adapt to these various roles, but he excels at them. Although Jake is not the most vocal member of the team, he has certainly asserted himself as a leader. Jake brings an insightful perspective to the case and can always be relied upon to accomplish any task assigned to him. So long as Jake continues to put in hard work, I see a bright future for him in both mock trial and in any endeavor he wishes to pursue.” – Spencer Chikahisa, Orange Captain