January 2012

Ian Vitalis has been selected as the January Mocker of the Month!

Ian Vitalis is everything a mock trialer should be. He’s extremely hardworking, spending hours focusing in on the smallest details of his cross to make sure it is perfect. He’s dedicated to his team, providing insight into the case as a whole instead of just focusing on his own roles. Ian is also a talented competitor, earning praise from judges while rattling the competitors from other teams. Ian is a Prosecution attorney for orange, in charge of the opening, the Foster direct, and the Roman cross—all of which he executes with polish and poise. He’s a great teammate and I love having him on orange. And while he is only a freshman, Ian already is a force to be reckoned with (when he’s had his coffee, of course).
Congrats Ian! You deserve it!

Ian is working on a double major in Political Science and Economics. He plans to pursue a law degree following his undergraduate work. Many things are uncertain at the start of freshman year, but one thing was clear for Ian…the Illinois Trial Team. While high school students often have long lists of what their “ideal” college must include, Ian’s list was relatively short—one, a mock trial team; two, a good one. That’s what Ian found when he came to the Urbana-Champaign campus. As a freshman, this is Ian’s first year with the Illinois Trial Team; however, mock trial has always played a huge role in Ian’s school experience. Before joining Illinois’ team, Ian participated in high school mock trial for four years. Ian has come to love “the family” of the Illinois Trial Team the most, a bond which inevitably develops as a result of the countless hours preparing, practicing, and performing a case. So far, Ian’s favorite memory with the Illinois Trial Team was the transition from belting out hip-hop to Disney classics in a team sing-a-long on the way back from one of the competitions.