January 2013

Congratulations to Alex Berk, the first mocker of the month of 2013!

“Hi, my name is Alex and I am a sophomore history major. Mock trial is really quite an experience, and I feel privileged to be a part of such a great organization. Unlike a class, I feel that mock trial has really helped me gain the tools that I need to be a successful person in my post-undergraduate life. Like one of my literary heroes Jay Gatsby, I constantly resolve to improve my mind. While I used to think that this was best achieved through the acquisition of as many facts as I could cram into my head, mock trial has shown me otherwise. While mocking does involve a great deal of factual knowledge, getting a feel for how to argue and present yourself in the best possible light is what it truly teaches you. Each day, Gatsby reserved an hour for practicing elocution, poise and how to attain it. Because of mock trial, I feel like I get closer to attaining that elusive poise and elocution each and ever day. As a first year mocker, I can’t thank the team enough for taking a risk and allowing me on the team. I am also thankful for each and every one of my coaches and teammates, you have all contributed to my growth as a mocker and person this year, and I thank you for it.” -Alex Berk

“Alex ‘Buckwild’ Berk is a first-year mocker who has quickly proven his drive and dedication to our organization. As Plaintiff’s closer on Bears, he’s become a vital part of the team who is always willing to work outside of practice to improve – not just for his own closing, but for the entire Plaintiff bench. After running a few tournaments with an unorthodox case theory for the Plaintiff, Alex took it upon himself to craft a brand-new case theory and pitch it to the team, realizing that the old theory was not cohesive enough. Alex took the initiative to work with the rest of his bench to modify all three directs to fit the new theory, as well as suggesting a new witness and re-writing his entire closing. Alex’s reserved and calculated speaking style belie an unrivaled passion for mock trial and dedication to Bears and his bench. You can expect great things from him in the future!” – Jesse Kearns, Captain of Bears