January 2015

Congratulations to Alex Galant, the January mocker of the month!

“It isn’t every day that you get to captain a mocker like Alex Galant. Alex’s skills as a mocker and unique perspective on the fact patterns we are given is rivaled only by his incredible love of the mock trial aesthetic. Never have I had a member who so thoroughly enjoy each and every part of the trial from the beginning to the end. It is Alex’s infectious enthusiasm that not only makes him a beloved teammate, but also a favorite of our judges! Orange is very fortunate to have a member who is so committed to both his own success and the success of those around him. With his precise questions and thoughtful comments, Alex forces his teammates, captains and coaches to think differently about the case and grow as a result. For that, I cannot be more appreciative. Alex has an incredible future as a mocker and will only continue to improve personally and, by proxy, make his team improve along with him!”

– Alexander Berk, Captain of Orange

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