January 2016

Congratulations to Alyssa Castronovo the January mocker of the month!

“Since her joining the team in mid-season tryouts, Alyssa Castronovo has continually demonstrated her drive to work hard, learn and improve, and make things more fun for everyone she

works with along the way. From the moment she first joined the team, Alyssa immediately took to mock trial, working hard to memorize all of her material flawlessly in record-time. Even when she was given workloads which could have easily overwhelmed a veteran member, she never once complained, and she never once faltered. It’s been great having Alyssa on team silver, I am extremely proud of all the work she has done and the effort she has put in to work, learn, and improve, and I’m very excited to see where she goes in the upcoming years.” – Nick Ruble, Orange Captain