March 2012

Kelsey Chetosky is March’s Mocker of the Month. Congratulations!

Kelsey is studying Public Policy and Law and plans to go to law school and work in Chicago, hopefully with a focus in family law. She had done mock trial before, but after taking her freshman year off, she realized she missed the activity too much. Kelsey joined mock trial because she enjoys working on her public speaking, and getting the opportunity to learn from very smart attorney coaches! However, her favorite part of mock trial is that very first moment when she skims through the case problem. Figuring out all the different interesting facts and dissecting the affidavits is what she looks forward to the most. Kelsey joined mock trial because she finds trial work interesting, but also because it is a ton of fun and she has made so many amazing friends. She would never have been able to get to know so many interesting people. Our team is very creative, and she always ends up laughing hysterically at a crazy objection battle or funny witness portrayal during practice. Kelsey can’t imagine what she would be doing if she had not found this beautiful thing called mock trial! Her favorite memory from this year was at a team meeting the night before regionals at Notre Dame. Our entire team was incredibly stressed and tense, but as she looked around the room she realized that she really enjoyed the company of every single person there. Everything just seemed to fit, and she was confident that we would perform to the best of our ability as a team. (And that’s exactly what we did!)