March 2015

Congratulations to Shanat Barua, the March mocker of the month!

“Shanat Barua is everything you could hope to have in an up and coming member of the Illinois Trial Team. He exhibits all of the traits that make individuals on the team successful, such as hard work and talent, as well as all of the traits that make the team itself successful, such as creativity and initiative. This year on Team Silver, Shanat’s talents as a witness have truly shown through, primarily in his impressive ability to adapt on the fly to changes that occur during trial. His opinions and ideas have also contributed much to the team during practice. When his team members were in need of a different perspective, Shanat was always able to step in and provide that. Even during the off-season, when Silver no longer had any tournaments to compete in, Shanat still contributes to the team by creating, editing, and performing his own material for the benefit of the other members of the team. He’s also had an active role in the success of our new Second Semester Clinics, where Shanat has shown that he’s not only a talented performer, but a talented teacher as well. All of these traits show that Shanat has a bright future as a leader on the Illinois Trial Team.” 

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