November 2011

November- Allison Barnes

Allison Barnes is a freshman majoring in mathematics and minoring in Spanish. Last year she took a law class in which she did a mock trial and absolutely loved it. She has always liked public speaking and arguing (just ask her parents) so joining mock trial at the University of Illinois seemed like it would be a great decision. She wants to go to law school after her undergrad and hopefully become a prosecuting attorney and eventually a district attorney. She wants to be able to have a greater impact on who gets prosecuted as well as give a voice to the victims who cannot speak for themselves anymore. Her favorite part of mock trial is the team spirit at competition. Although she has not been on the team for very long, already she has so many memories. Her favorite was walking to the courthouse before the second day of competition at Ohio State because it felt so empowering and inspiring to watch the marathon and get pumped for the second day of competition! Joining mock trial has been one of the best parts of her career so far at the University of Illinois.
– Aleks Ostojic

For as long as I’ve worked with her (which is since we re-stacked) Allison has shown that she is an extremely dedicated member of the team. Aside from always being on time with all deadlines, she goes above and beyond expectations by meeting with her attorney and witness outside of practice as well as meeting with myself and our coaches. From this time working with her personally, I know that she has put forth the effort to become familiar with the case material. Allison has also put forth the effort to learn the rules of evidence and how to argue objections, which is a newcomer’s hardest task in my opinion. She is very prompt in responding to any emails or texts I send to the team. In practice, her sunny disposition can bolster the whole team when some of us are feeling burned out. She may be a newcomer but Allison’s dedication to the team rivals that of many veteran members.
-Jesse Kearns