November 2012

Congratulations to Hannah Oswald, the Mocker of the Month for November 2012.

“Hi my name is Hannah. I’m a freshman majoring in Economics but I’m considering a double major in either philosophy or political science. I really love mock trial. Even though it is a lot of hard work, it’s great to see everyone work together and bond as a team. Mock trial is definitely a group effort and I feel lucky to be a part of such an amazing organization. My captains and coaches have taught me so much and my co-counsels have set a great example for me. I’m very impressed by the amount of dedication and talent on the team. My favorite part of mock trial is watching talented witnesses and attorneys fight on cross. It’s really entertaining to watch them struggle to make their points while remaining composed. Overall, I think we have a fantastic team and I can’t wait to see where this season takes us.” – Hannah Oswald

“I am proud to recognize Hannah Oswald as the Mocker of the Month for November. I could not think of someone who is more deserving than Hannah for this honor. As the closer for the plaintiff on Orange she has worked incredibly hard taking time to not only perfect her closing but also to work on her other material too. It has been inspiring to see Hannah want to listen to criticism, receive it, and then immediately understand what she needs to do to get better. She never ceases to want to get better which is the most refreshing characteristic a team could ask for. Not only does she shine in the courtroom but she also shines in practices also, always willing to ask more questions and help anyone who needs help. This being her first year doing mock trial, her natural speaking ability has shone throughout the whole team and I cannot wait to see how good Hannah will be in the years to come. I love watching her add spirit and skill to Orange and I can only see her getting better from here. Congratulations Hannah!” -Allison Barnes